5 Wedding Photography Ideas For 2019

Capturing the perfect moment that will be cemented in memory for all eternity is something wedding couples look forward to. Any photographer that is worth their title knows that being the reason for a couple’s unforgettable moments is something to be proud of and treasured.

When it comes to wedding photography ideas, every idea counts but not all ideas are equal. Looking for the best or new ideas is always something that both photographers and even couples looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas for wedding photography:

1)    The golden hour

One of the best romantic moments that can be captured is during the golden hour. Any photographer knows the early morning just after sunrise and just before sunset provides the best lighting and softer vibe that couples would want to take advantage of.

2)    Lying in the grass

It is one of the best ideas in wedding photography. Couples get to lie down in the grass with their heads together facing opposite directions. The couples can either close their eyes or open them while they smile for the camera to capture the perfect moment.

3)    During first dance together

The first dance at the reception between the bride and the groom is a momentous occasion that coupes would love to memorize and save for their photo album.

4)    Walking

This one gets even better when couples hold each other’s hands and walk either downtown or off into the sunset, symbolizing their officially found relationship. Having the couples smile and staring into each other’s eyes gives it an even romantic moment.

5)    Weather setting

Nothing screams romantic like kissing in the rain. Having the groom use his suit jacket to cover both of them as they share an unforgettable moment. You can also opt for the more natural option of having the couples kiss while drenched in the rain.


When it comes to photography ideas, there are many to choose from, and some ideas are hard to pick when you think of the best. A good wedding photography idea ensures that a perfect memory is created and preserved – read article on wedding photography ideas for photographers.